Fulcrum Project Details

Born Of Water. Borne On Air
The genesis of Fulcrum is inspired by the sublime mysteries of water and air. In developing Fulcrum, these two elemental forces are brought together in an elegant balance, creating an ethereal aura all around. The artistically-tilted architecture and intricate interlocking stacking of the units allow for spectacular vistas of the sea, the pool or the city from each apartment while injecting a sense of airiness in the architecture. The inspiration of balance carries through to the unique pivot-like structural feature, which appears to hold up the building. Even the landscaping is an art of geometry, designed to provide a modest presence that blends seamlessly with the architecture and its surroundings.

You enjoy being the centre of attention. You balance your work and play time equally. You seek equilibrium in everything you do. Now, you can be who you are at last. Live free. Live happy. Live the life you’ve always wanted. Everyone else can keep their opinions to themselves. Because you make the rules at Fulcrum.

Weekend Board Meetings? Bring It On.
Sun and fun await at the East Coast beach, just a stone’s throw away.
Poised virtually on the edge of the sea, Fulcrum places you minutes from the plethora of activities that Singapore’s famous East Coast beach offers. Catch the waves, worship the sun, build sandcastles with the wind in your hair. Here is where you can make the most of your youthful exuberance in the company of family and friends. Who cares if you have to work tomorrow? Today, you are the boss.

Coffee, Tee Or Just Me
However you wish to spend your time, the choices are endless.
The superb location promises more than just hours of sun and sea. Long known for its rich heritage of tempting gastronomic culture, the East Coast invites you to sample the many flavours in the neighbourhood. From traditional tastes to contemporary cuisines, the vicinity is a veritable smorgasbord. Beyond that, you have your pick of lifestyle conveniences: golf courses, retail meccas, and entertainment centres. Or just sit back and enjoy the sea breeze while sipping a delicious cocktail. It’s your decision.

Live It Up However You Like, Whenever You Want
With MBS just minutes away, you’re never far from pure excitement.
Exhilaration is never a stranger when you reside at Fulcrum. Located just outside of the shimmering city centre, the extravagance of the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort is merely a short drive away. Here, you have immediate access to the latest theatrical and artistic productions in town, the dazzling nightlife, and the glimmer of romances that take you all the way to dawn.

No Better Place To Soak Up The Sun
Take a dip, or just make a splash. Let the party begin.
Gather your friends. Mix up a buffet of cocktails. And there you have – the perfect recipe for a great afternoon. The landscape design caters to the social lifestyle in every aspect. Secluded by the lush greenery, you can lounge by the pool, relax on the Social Deck, or chatter over dinner at the Function Pavilion. On sultry evenings, you can also enjoy a cookout at the BBQ Pavilion, and make merry with your best friends well into the night; the alfresco venue offering a clear view of the stars.

Need To Entertain In Style? You’ve Got It Covered.
Function Room with a spectacular view, and a host of stunning facilities.
Your fabulous Function Room at Fulcrum boasts an amazing vista of the surrounding seascape. Put on your “host-with-the-most” smile to welcome guests in the afternoon, then relax and enjoy the scenery as dusk falls and the wind blows cool mistrals to seduce your senses. Lights, camera, action! It’s a tough act to beat.

Sometimes The View Just Takes My Breath Away
Sky Terraces offer private spots for personal moments.
Perfect for lazy weekends or for those times when you reward yourself with a couple of hours away from your desk. Do your laps in the inviting waters of the Swimming Pool on the Sky Terrace at Level 13 with the azure skies for company. Or enjoy even more spectacular views while immersed in the Infinity Pool on the Sky Terrace at Level 15. Fitted with spa seats, you’ll find it hard to resist pampering yourself. The enhanced privacy at the Wellness Deck gives you room to find peace and tranquility. Or perhaps an awe-inspiring epiphany awaits.

Majestic Space For Me And My Loved Ones.
Feel absolutely pampered and indulgent, right at home.
While most believe space only comes at a premium in this metropolis, you’ll be glad to know that your home offers the ideal balance of spacious freedom and cosy warmth. Contemporary designs inject a strong stylish sensibility, allowing you to make your personal mark. Together with the stunning vistas accentuated by the full-height windows, you will surely savour every moment at home.

Who’s The Boss? Climb The Corporate Ladder And See
Selected loft units give a touch of urban exclusivity.
Step up to a new way of living. Choice units at Fulcrum offer a hint of Manhattan-esque living, with the loft design and layout. At once utilitarian and artistic, you can enjoy the freedom of working from home, following your own schedule. The airy design brings natural lighting right into the heart of your abode. And for you, it is the perfect balance that you have always sought.

They Like What They See. So Do I.
Sea view, pool view or city view. Take your pick.
Fulcrum is specially designed to offer you views of the vibrant city, tranquility of the sea and invigorating splendours of the pool. The sea view offers an unspoilt line of sight to the horizon, where you are treated to the wonders of Mother Nature. Units with pool views enjoy a bird’s eye panorama of the pool deck while bright lights beckon residents who prefer to savour an urban landscape.


Making Sweet Music With My Best Friend
Among such luxuries, being alone is never lonely.
You have a discerning eye for quality. And so Fulcrum delivers, in impeccable style. From the sensible layout, to the many little conveniences you’ll find with delight, your home is the epitome of quality. After all, it’s your private sanctuary; a place where you’ll be most at peace. And of course, it’s also the starting point for all that you want to achieve

This Is My Castle. Step Into My Parlour.
Stylish fittings and contemporary interiors complete the picture.
We certainly pulled out all the stops to perfect your new residence. From the living room to the bedroom, you’ll discover only the best fittings and fixtures to complement your lifestyle. All that remains is for you to call it home. It is your privilege, your right. It is the undeniable prestige that is Fulcrum.